1. Ban the Box Law Takes Effect September 2019

    Governor Polis signed into law new legislation which prohibits employers from asking about criminal history on job applications. The “Ban the Box” law prohibits employers with 11 or more employees from asking if prospective employees have a criminal conviction beginning in September 2019. The la…Read More

  2. Facing Workplace Discrimination? Call Our Employment Lawyers Today

    America is known as the Land of Opportunity, but for individuals dealing with discrimination in the workplace, it can seem like their opportunities are limited. It’s important to know that you are protected from being targeted based on your race, religion, nationality, gender identity, sexual orie…Read More

  3. The Top Reasons Why You Should Write A Will

    In today’s crazy world, people are often caught up in the rush of daily life. From getting the bills paid to getting your child to school on time, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done. One major task that should be done is that of preparing your will in the even…Read More

  4. Excellent Divorce Lawyers In Greeley

    At Peek Law, our Weld County lawyers completely understand what you are going through. We know it's an emotionally difficult process. If you need a separation or a divorce, then you should speak with a member of our firm. We want to let you know that you can be sure your inquiry will be met with sin…Read More

  5. Choosing The Right Law Firm

    You’ve finally finished meeting with each and every one of the different lawyers that have been recommended to you by your friends and family. Now the time has come for you finally choose one of them to be your lawyer. How do you make this final decision on who to hire? You want no one but the bes…Read More