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Peek Goldstone Can Serve as Your Trusted Tax Defense Lawyer in Greeley and Erie


Tax season is almost here, and if you’re dealing with unresolved tax problems, then the next few months will likely be full of stress and uncertainty. Peek Goldstone, LLC is here to serve as your trusted tax attorney in Greeley and Erie, providing legal help to clients in need. Our local law firm relies on experienced professionals from diverse walks of life to create dynamic and effective strategies for our clients.

Our tax defense lawyer will work hard to solve your tax issues at the state and federal levels. We strive to keep our clients informed every step of the way to generate peace of mind and confidence moving forward. Dealing with the IRS can be an intimidating process, but our tax lawyer, Scott Goldstone, is ready to help!

Complete Tax Defense Services

If you’re dealing with tax issues, keep reading for a few of our offered services. Peek Goldstone is proud to provide versatile approaches to solve a variety of tax problems, and will be happy to discuss your situation with you. Contact us today to get started!

Tax Audits

Based on your situation, the IRS may instigate an audit to investigate the legitimacy of your tax claims that runs back six years (or more). An audit can involve a lot of questions, inquiries, and demands, which is why it is vital to stay calm and organized throughout the process. Peek Goldstone’s tax defense attorney can represent you during a state or IRS audit, working closely with the agent to generate a positive and stress-free result.

There are numerous reasons why the IRS might audit you. A majority of tax audits are instigated due to red flags that popped up in the system. Tax evasion is a serious charge and should be taken seriously. Individuals convicted of this crime can get one to five years in prison. Failure to file a tax return can result in one year of confinement for each year missed!

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Offer in Compromise

Our Greeley and Erie law firm will work hard to settle your tax debt for you. One way to ease your burden and stress is to obtain an offer in compromise from the IRS, which allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. Peek Goldstone’s tax defense attorney is here to help law-abiding citizens who cannot afford to cover their tax obligation in its entirety. We can work with you to ensure that you are eligible, and if our law firm can continue with this process, then we will discuss a new summary of debt to settle on.

Avoiding Wage Garnishments

Clients are advised to work with an experienced tax defense attorney to prevent or stop wage garnishments from the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service can request your employer to withhold a select amount of pay and instead forward it to them for recouping of your tax debts. Peek Goldstone, LLC will work diligently to release your money from IRS garnishment, allowing you to better live your life.

Paperwork and CalculatorRemove Tax Liens

If you are behind on your tax payments, the government may impose tax liens on you to recover owed property or income taxes. Our tax defense lawyer can work with the IRS to reach a mutually acceptable settlement on your behalf. This process helps to avoid the spectacle of problems associated with tax liens, as they are public records. Government-imposed liens can disrupt your credit in a big way.

Stop Bank Levies

The government can choose to levy your bank and immediately recover owed debts. This can result in a seizure from your bank account or other assets. Bank levies can be repeated until your entire debt is recovered. Appealing a levy can be complex, and may require the intervention of a court. Peek Goldstone, LLC is experienced in helping clients with bank liens in Colorado. Our professional tax lawyer will work with you to identify an effective strategy to protect you from future levies.

Contact Us Today

From unpaid taxes to wage garnishments, unfiled tax returns, and more, Scott Goldstone is here and ready to take a look at your case to see how we can help. We rely on our trusted tax defense attorney, Scott Goldstone, to help clients at our law firm in Greeley and Erie. Contact us online, and our team will speak with you regarding the specifics of your tax problem.

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