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Stay Safe These Holidays, And Call Peek Goldstone if You Need a DUI Attorney


The team at Peek Goldstone, LLC would rather you stay safe and drive sober over the holidays. But we know that life happens, and if for whatever reason if you find yourself being accused of a DUI or DUID (driving while under the influence of drugs), then you need a lawyer and you should call our law firm for assistance.

Our team provides a staunch, complete approach to your DUI case, relying on unique and innovative strategies which adhere to proven processes to help you take the right steps moving forward.

DUI Lawyer

What Should I Do if I Am Assessed for a DUI?

Being prepared for your case once you are facing a DUI is essential. Peek Goldstone, LLC in Greeley and Erie can help you assess your unique situation and provide legal support and guidance to ensure that you know your rights and pursue a better outcome to keep your life on track.

Being pulled over for a DUI or DWAI (driving while ability impaired) can be a very frightening experience, where every decision and statement can be used to hurt you later on. We work closely with law enforcement and support the blue, but it is important to keep in mind that beyond your license, registration, and insurance, you are not obligated to talk to law enforcement. This process is completed to gather information about you, normally to prove that you were intoxicated at the time.

Legal DocumentsWrite Down All the Details

Details are everything in law enforcement, which is why the police officer in charge of your DUI investigation will be constantly monitoring for details to add to your case. It can prove very beneficial to document every detail of your traffic stop, even if the information seems obscure. Providing detailed information to your DUI lawyer can help to generate a more sound strategy for your case.

A few key points to remember include the time and location of your stop, the reason for being pulled over, any information provided by you to the officer (don’t say “but I only had two drinks!”), whether or not a breath test was given and the type of machine used, any field sobriety tests taken, and so on. We know this can be a hectic time, but try to record all memorable details as soon as you can.  You can legally turn on your cell phone camera and record the entire encounter if you wish.

CourthouseRequest (and Attend) a DMV Hearing

Many clients are confused as to why you would want to request a DMV hearing, as it is a preponderance hearing and assumes you are guilty until proven otherwise. However, this hearing is your only chance to save your license. You may not win this hearing, but it may prove very helpful in winning your case later on! Another benefit is the fact that there is no risk. The worst-case scenario is that you lose your license for the statutory period, which would have happened regardless. If the DMV hearing officer cannot find enough evidence to suspend your license, it is a good sign that the prosecution will have similar challenges.

If you did not surrender your license at the time of your arrest, then you must surrender it to the DMV in order to receive your Temporary Driving Permit (which allows you to drive until your hearing). Once you have been pulled over for a DUI, you can provide a breathalyzer test, a blood test, or refuse testing. Whether you refuse or agree to a breathalyzer, you will receive a yellow paper called the Express Consent Affidavit. This paper will give you seven days to request your hearing. Remember, all tests are voluntary. You are not required to take any test and tests are used as evidence that you were drinking and driving. You can always say no.

HandshakeHire a Proven DUI Attorney

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself and successfully navigate the DUI process is to hire a team of local DUI lawyers dedicated to providing quality representation on your behalf. These legal representatives know the process and science behind DUI cases, and can help you every step of the way in preparing your defense and creating a sound strategy. 

Putting your trust in the wrong DUI attorney may prove to be more harm than good! Remember, one DUI conviction is the first step to a Felony DUI. Choosing the right attorney is critical. Peek Goldstone can help protect your rights and give you the information needed to generate a more positive result for your case. We recommend doing your research into any DUI law firms before you make the call!

Contact Our DUI Lawyers Today

Peek Goldstone offers representation across Colorado for clients in need. Our DUI attorneys in Greeley and Erie are available to discuss the specifics of your case with you. We offer aggressive representation and clear communication to ensure that you are in the loop and are ready for every step of the legal process.

You can get in touch with our DUI lawyers to learn more about laws concerning driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as our other practice areas. The holidays are here, and while we’d rather everyone drive safe, the professionals at Peek Goldstone, LLC are ready to help if you do find yourself facing DUI charges. Contact us online to get started.

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