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Expert Counsel for Legal Separations in Greeley


A legal separation, while perhaps not as permanent as a divorce, can be just as complicated and sensitive of a situation. For a couple to agree to legally separate may mean that they have thought about the possibility of reconciliation in the future, but as for now, living apart is the best course of action. At Peek Law Firm, we want to help both parties understand that rights during a legal separation, and as Greeley divorce attorneys, we’ll help both sides cooperate with each other.

Legal separations that involve children can be especially sensitive for both parents and if a divorce is imminent, we’ll help secure a child custody agreement on which both parties can settle. We know that emotions can enter into a divorce or separation settlement, and we want to help make this process as amicable as possible. We understand that circumstances and situations play a part in the ending of a marriage, and we’ll make sure that your rights are heard and represented the entire time we’re working for you.

If there is property or alimony to be settled, we’ll help you come to terms that work for each person. If the separation is temporary, we’ll make sure that nothing becomes misconstrued or that there is no breakdown in communication during the time apart. If both people agree that divorce is the only option, your Greeley divorce attorneys will represent you with class and professionalism. Let us know today how we can help you by calling (970) 352-8611 or contacting us online.

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