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Resolve Custody Disputes with a Greeley Family Lawyer


In the circumstances that surround a divorce or separation, children are often either the focus of each person, or the ones that are forgotten. At Peek Law Firm, we know that divorce is never easy, but we hope that each member of the couple will make their children a priority. We also understand that child custody can become a major point of contention and as a Greeley family lawyer, we can help settle any disputes over who gains custody of the children.

It’s important to understand that the best way to settle who gains custody of the children and who they will be living with is through an agreement made outside of the courtroom. The best interest of the children should always be the top priority, but if the divorced couple can’t come to an agreement outside of the court, each person will lose control over what decision is made. A judge will make the final ruling based on all of the circumstances surrounding the divorce, and could leave one or both persons involved feeling dissatisfied with the decision. We want to help you come to an amicable understanding and agreement involving the custody of your children, and will work on coming up with an arrangement that’s best for your kids.

If you need a Greeley family lawyer to help settle a child custody dispute, or have just finalized your divorce and want to maintain your children’s best interests, please contact Peek Law Firm today. We understand that even though marriages end, but your love for your children does not.

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