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Sobriety Checkpoints and Safe Driving


Now that summer is almost here in Colorado, that means more people will be out and about, enjoying the warm weather and numerous festivals that take place across the state. It also means that more people may make the decision to drink and drive, and could potentially face a DUI. Police officers and transportation agencies often set up sobriety checkpoints around Colorado during the summer, so if you live in Greeley and plan on being out on Friday and Saturday nights, be aware that you could drive through one.

Officers are required to provide ample notification and signage indicating a sobriety checkpoint, but keep in mind that actively avoiding them or turning to bypass one could draw attention to yourself. If you’ve been responsible and are not driving under the influence, you have nothing to worry about and the officers should send you on your way. If you are drunk and the officer suspects that you are driving under the influence, it’s very possible that you could be charged with a DUI. If that happens, Peek Law Firm can properly represent you and explain your rights surrounding your case.

Drinking responsibly and taking a cab or having a designated driver are the only ways to completely avoid being charged with a DUI, or having to worry when you’re stopped at sobriety checkpoint. Law enforcement personnel are simply trying to make the streets safer, and you can do your part by not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If that choice has already passed, contact Peek Law Firm in Greeley for professional legal representation.

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