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Find the Help You Need with Greeley Divorce Lawyers


At Peek Law Firm, we’ve settled divorce cases that are more or less straightforward and where each party has received what they were looking for in the dissolution of their marriage. On the other hand, we’ve seen cases that aren’t as straightforward, and there is a constant battle between spouses over property, child custody, and assets. We also understand that there are divorces and legal separations that come about because of infidelity or abuse, and in those situations, we will treat your case as we would any other – with care and respect. As Greeley divorce lawyers, we want your rights to be heard and your personal situation to be honored.

If you’re the person seeking the divorce, we will walk you through the steps for filing and securing the proper paperwork to dissolve your marriage. If your spouse is of the same thought as you, we will work through the proceedings as quickly as possible, seeking to reach an amicable agreement sooner rather than later. If certain points are contested by your spouse, such as child custody or asset arrangement, we will create the strongest case that we can for you, explaining to the court why you deserve to care for your children for the majority of the time, or why you’re entitled to certain assets. We understand that divorce is never easy and is possibly something you never thought you’d have to deal with, but when you’re ready to proceed, your Greeley divorce lawyers at Peek will be here to help you.

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