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Keep the Holidays Happy with Your Greeley DUI Lawyers


During this time of year, people are traveling to and from home, visiting friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in a year. There’s plenty of festive fun, and alcohol is often included in those festivities. The team at Peek Law Firm always wants people to remain smart and safe, and not to drink and drive. However, if you find yourself staring at flashing lights in your rear view mirror, it’s very likely that you could facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. As your Greeley DUI lawyers, we want to provide proper representation for your case and help you keep the holidays as happy as possible.

Our team of attorneys will craft an aggressive defense regarding your DUI case. Even if you passed the breath or field sobriety test, you could still end up with DUI charge. Each case is unique, and we will treat yours as such, bringing our experience and knowledge into play wherever it is needed. Fines, jail time, and license suspension are all possible consequences of a DUI, and we’ll work hard to protect your license and keep you from gaining a criminal record.

The best way to avoid having to call your Greeley DUI lawyers is to not drink and drive this season. But if that opportunity has passed and you find yourself facing a DUI charge, please call us right away. The sooner we can begin on your defense, the better the chances are that you will retain your license and not face stiffer penalties down the road. Call us today at (970) 352-8611.

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