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Need a Local Lawyer During the COVID-19 Closures? Peek Goldstone Offers Virtual Services


More and more businesses are beginning to open up across the country, requiring many establishments to take unprecedented measures in order to achieve the safest and most effective results for customers. When it comes to local legal services, Peek Goldstone, LLC of Greeley and Erie is here to provide the right support in the safest manner possible. During these COVID-19 restrictions, we are open virtually and available via telephone or video conference, and will follow the plans put in place by the courts, including the Colorado Supreme Court. Restrictions and regulations are often changing, so be sure to check this site frequently for your Judicial District.

Do you need assistance with your legal situation? Our local attorneys specialize in family law, including divorce, adoptions, child custody, and more, as well as criminal law, tax law, and estate planning. Keep reading to learn about a few of our legal services available during these restrictions, and be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Estate Planning

During these uncertain times, you may have a lot of questions about your portfolio and the status of your retirement funds. It’s important to create stability moving into the later years, as well as create continuity and support for loved ones. A lot of clients across Colorado are surprised by how beneficial our estate planning services can be in terms of minimizing long-term financial costs and tax burdens, creating a will and/or living trust, taking care of tax obligations, and more. Regardless of the size of your estate, it can help to speak with a local estate planning layer to see how you could benefit from the right strategy. 

Peek Goldstone, LLC offers estate planning services through the mediums of video and telephone conferencing, and can help you achieve peace of mind for your estate moving forward. If you’re not sure about your 401k, or wish to begin the steps of planning your estate, we’re ready to get the job done with a personalized strategy designed to give you control over your resources.

Family Law Services

As your local family lawyers in Greeley and Erie, the Peek team works hard to help you feel safe and secure during these uncertain times. Our family law team is available remotely to assist in a variety of matters during COVID-19 enforcement, and we’re ready to help you navigate a dynamic plan moving forward. Conflicts with things such as child custody and child support are often emotionally demanding, due to the adjusting of parenting plans, placing emergency restrictions, and more. These changing times are making it important for both custodial and noncustodial parents to communicate and configure proper modifications to account for pay reductions, job loss, and more.

Family law in Colorado can be complicated, but our local attorneys are ready to provide support and answers during these stressful times. We will focus on protecting your parent-child bond while also working to create a cohesive plan to ensure both parties are satisfied with the results for the family.

Family Law

Divorce Law

Regardless of the causes or circumstances behind your decision to seek a divorce or legal separation, you’re likely going through an emotionally difficult period. Peek Goldstone, LLC is here to help you and your family during this difficult time, and will work to help you achieve a beneficial outcome. If we can help you reconcile your differences and continue the relationship, our team will work hard to help. If this is not a possibility, then we’re ready to move forward with the divorce process.

Navigating a divorce during COVID restrictions can be challenging at best, which is why we’re available to discuss your options and plans moving forward. Contact us today to schedule a virtual meeting to go over your situation and how we will work for your best interests and the health and happiness of your family.

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Need Mediation Services?

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Being on uneven ground with your significant other can prove to be mentally and emotionally exhausting at times, and working through these issues while under quarantine can prove to be very difficult. Peek Goldstone, LLC is here to help, offering our mediation services to help couples achieve the most beneficial resolution. Our skilled and trained mediators are here to listen and provide the support needed for both parties to feel heard and to work toward an agreeable outcome, whether that includes a legal separation between couples, corporate agreement between disputing businesses, or anything in between.

Our local lawyers can act as an unbiased facilitator throughout the process to try and navigate a beneficial outcome for both parties. During this time, we can provide remote mediation support, scheduling and organizing times to allow productive discussion through a virtual format. 

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Peek Goldstone strives to provide complete legal services in Erie and Greeley, and our team knows how to generate the highest level of support during these unprecedented global changes. The world is undergoing a lot of change, but that doesn’t mean that you can put off your important obligations. 

Contact us online today if you have questions, and be sure to schedule your appointment for complete assistance!

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