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Mediation Versus Litigation With Your Greeley and Erie Divorce Lawyers Part 1


The rates of divorce in this country are higher than ever. While nobody likes the idea of legally separating from a spouse, it can often be the best option for certain individuals. Once the decision is made to separate, it’s important for couples to decide on their course of action for how to resolve the process of dividing up finances, property, child custody, and more. The Peek Goldstone team is here to be Greeley’s and Erie’s family law team, specializing in child support, separations, adoption, and more. Since 1989, our divorce lawyers have worked hard to provide quality representation to ensure a premier outcome for our clients during this challenging period.

While our divorce attorneys are perfectly able to represent you during litigation, we understand the benefits of utilizing mediation as a suitable substitute. Today, we’ll look at divorce mediation and how it can be a suitable option for you during a separation. If you’re in need of Colorado’s go-to local lawyers, be sure to contact us today.

Mediating a Positive Outcome

While some divorce cases are rife with contention and frustration, others center around couples who are able to communicate in a calm manner to reach a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved. Mediation is the process of resolving the numerous issues that arise from a legal separation. A mediator will be brought in as a neutral source between the two parties to help foster positive, productive conversations. As long as the couple is willing to participate, mediation is possible. There are many benefits you can expect from resolving conflicts in this manner, including:

  • Confidentiality. The divorce process can be emotionally charged, and the last thing many citizens want is for their personal matters to be made public in a court. As a legal action, a divorce goes down on public record for the population to see.

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  • Cost Effectiveness. The process of going through court proceedings requires the time and energy of multiple individuals to get everything in order and completed. Going through court for a settlement is often much more costly and unpredictable, depending on numerous factors to determine the final price. Mediation generally provides upfront fees that are reliable and affordable. Another important factor here is that the final cost is typically split between the two parties.
  • Better scheduling. When you seek divorce litigation, your time requirements are managed and set by the court that is presiding over your case. Being scheduled to meet their availability can be stressful, and the extended amount of time that may result from divorce litigation can cause more undue worries. Mediation works to resolve your issues in a fast, effective manner to minimize the time constraints and deliver a timely resolution that avoids further negativity.

Utilizing a divorce mediator is a popular choice for couples who hold a mutual interest in optimizing their outcomes. Next time, we’ll look closer at mediation and what it entails compared to divorce litigation. Anyone in need of a divorce lawyer can benefit from contacting the Peek Goldstone, LLC. We are proud to be Greeley and Erie’s family lawyers, delivering comprehensive representation and support for your legal interests. Contact us today to learn more about our practice.

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