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A Greeley Family Lawyer for Your Juvenile Charge


Juvenile offenses are a very serious matter, and at Peek Goldstone, LLC, we’ve handled many cases that involve one or several minors. As a Greeley and Erie’s trusted family lawyers, we want to do everything we can to defend your child, keeping the juvenile charge from being the first of many. Our underage defendants are represented just as tenaciously as our adult clients, and we don’t want the mistakes that children make now to become burdens in the future.

Typical juvenile charges include shoplifting and other theft-related charges, graffiti and vandalism, and underage consumption of alcohol. There are of course many others, and our legal team is well-versed in defending any juvenile case. If your child has experienced disciplinary problems in school, or physically attacked another child, we want to handle your case with the sensitivity and seriousness that it deserves. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, juvenile arrest rates have decreased for crimes such as burglary, but have risen for crimes such as simple assault. No matter what charge has been brought against your child, we will work with you to arrive at the best possible outcome.

When you need a criminal lawyer in Colorado to represent your son or daughter, or a child that has been placed in your care, please contact Peek Goldstone, LLC today. We will do everything we can to see that these mistakes don’t follow your child for the rest of their life. Call us or contact us online today and we’ll get started on your case.

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