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Why Just a “Good” Divorce Attorney is Not Good Enough


It has been said that there are no winners in a divorce as it can be one of the most traumatic and emotional events one can experience. William Shatner once claimed that for him “divorce is probably as painful as death.” Though that’s just about impossible to prove, Peek Law Firm does understand the trying time that our clients and their families are experiencing and try to make the divorce process as easy as possible for them.

Peek Law Firm’s divorce lawyers share almost 4 decades of combined experience in Greeley and knows the process and systems  quite extensively. Each and every divorce proceeding brings its own unique set of circumstances and challenges and we seek to be both counsel and defender when needed by our clients. When those challenges loom large, Peek Law Firm wants to help you through the process and avoid the pitfalls. We seek out the best solution for you and your family while protecting your rights to shared assets, financial issues and parental concerns. We don’t look to help you “win” for the short-term, we want satisfactory results that work for the long-term. A divorce attorney should know how to protect your interests, find long-term solutions and if court proceedings are unavoidable-keep the case as concise and as pain-free as possible.

The law firm is headed by the father-daughter team of Stanley Peek and Amanda Larson. Bringing not only the knowledge and experience needed to your divorce case, they also counsel with compassion, understanding and patience when helping you through your very emotional event.For a full and discreet consultation call Peek Law Firm at (970) 352-8611.

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