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The Most Common Mistakes Made when Fighting for Custody of Children



One of the most contentious, and sometimes heart-breaking, factors in regards to divorce cases would be child custody battles. Though courts, lawyers and parents alike would like to see a favorable outcome for the children involved, not everybody always agrees as to what that should be. Because child custody cases can be the most emotionally charged form of family law, as both parents feel they have the most to gain or lose, mistakes are often made as both the mother and father sometimes act rashly. When transitioning your family to life after divorce and while battling your ex-spouse for settlement, avoid making these common mistakes to ensure a better result for you and your children:

  • Not securing legal representation. Never act without legal consultation and advice. A good family lawyer knows the intricacies and the challenges of family law that you may not be aware of.
  • Moving out of the family home. Unless you have a written agreement for visiting and parenting time, stay where you are until that has been established.
  • Not watching your behavior. Avoid the use of alcohol and other substances that may cloud your judgment or alter your behavior. You will be under a microscope during this time so conduct yourself in only the best manner. Also make sure to avoid any verbal or physical altercations with your ex or with anyone else.
  • Making unfounded claims. Do not ever accuse or make claims against your ex-spouse about domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol or substance abuse or neglect of any type.
  • Making threats regarding custody of your child. Never make a threat about your ex not seeing your children, it can be extremely harmful in court if it appears that you are unwilling to compromise for the best interest of your children.

The expert lawyers at Peek Law Firm can help guide you through this very difficult time, allowing you to experience the best possible outcome of your case. When seeking a Greeley family lawyer, consider the associates at Peek Law Firm for compassionate yet expert representation.

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