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Next Steps After A DUI


We understand that everyone makes mistakes. If you were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your friends in Greeley, it may have been easy to get carried away with a couple drinks and try to drive yourself home. Even if you felt like you had the capacity to drive, law enforcement may not have agreed, and a DUI could mean losing your license, paying a hefty fine, and even spending time in jail. In addition, incarceration or the inability to operate a vehicle could mean losing your job, and all that follows from that. If you were issued a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s important that you contact our Greeley DUI lawyers now, and we’ll guide you through the legal process while fighting relentlessly for you.

As your defense attorney, we’ll work with you on a personal level, examining every aspect of your case and any evidence against you. With your case in mind, we will discuss with you your options, possible outcomes (including fines, jail time, etc.), and what is needed in order to lessen or eliminate the charges. While we can never guarantee results (and you should steer clear of any lawyer who does), we can guarantee that we will do everything we can in order to help you.

After you receive your DUI, you will receive a court summons. You will need to appear in court on that date or a bounty will be put out for your arrest. When you do appear in court, it is essential that you are represented by a qualified lawyer.

In any DUI case, the burden of proof falls in the hands of the prosecution. This means that it is not up to you to prove that you were able to drive, it is up to the State to prove that you were not. Learn more about what to do if you are pulled over for a DUI, but if you have already received your ticket, it is not too late. You can fight back. Contact our DUI lawyers at Peek Law Firm today and see how we can help.

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