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Family Law and Child Support


The amount of child support one parent or guardian receives from the other is one of the most-often contested factors of a divorce. It’s frequently believed to be “unfair” by one party or the other and adds to the contentious environment of the dissolution of a marriage. As family lawyers in Greeley we work as diligently as possible to find equitable solutions that work long-term when dealing with issues of child support payments but it is the state that often calculates just what the paying party will be responsible for. Greeley Family lawyers

Rather than leaving support amounts to the decision of the judge, a true mathematical formula is applied under “child support guidelines”. These guidelines remove the mystery and questions of fairness surrounding amount issues and make them much more predictable and consistent. Both parents’ gross income and time spent with the children are taken into account when figuring the monthly payment amount and are adjusted accordingly for those parents who make either very low incomes. Once the proper amount has been set, an order will be filed with the court and copies of the order will be mailed to each party. Child support payments generally end with the child’s 19th birthday or the month after graduating from high school, whichever is later.

Helping you navigate through the rough waters of divorce, the experienced professionals at Peek Law Firm are committed to securing the most positive results possible. Where divorce and family law issues are almost always complicated and difficult, we strive to remove as much of the stress experienced during these times by fighting for the results that work best for our client for the long-term and not just for a temporary “win”.

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