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COVID-19 and Divorce – Our Family Lawyers Are Here To Help


Being forced to stay at home generated restlessness amongst many Coloradans. If you are in the midst of going through a divorce or are planning a separation, the mandate to stay at home has likely made life more complicated. Weeks of time spent in close proximity (especially with emotions running high) can prove to be a powder-keg for conflict, which is why it is important to take some steps to keep you and your family sane.

Peek Goldstone, LLC is here to serve as your family lawyers in Greeley and Erie for every family situation. Our caring attorneys can take the time to review your case with you, as well as offer alternatives through our mediation services.

If you’re struggling with your domestic situation and wish to make progress during COVID-19 restrictions, it can help to find a local divorce attorney. Keep reading to learn more about this situation, and be sure to schedule your virtual consultation with our Colorado law firm.

How to Get a Divorce During COVID-19

The process of going through a divorce during normal times is stressful enough, yet the added complexity of being forced to stay at home with your spouse can lead to high emotions and tense situations. It’s important to research and implement your exit plan in a way that is both safe and practical. 

Speak to a Divorce Attorney

If you have not done so, it is highly recommended to speak with a local divorce attorney to assist you in navigating the process. This legal professional will help you with the filing process, documentation, disclosures, and the overall dissolution. 

Every case is unique, but it’s important to remember that every divorce process will require proper forms, documentation, and more. Your divorce attorney will be able to help you navigate the entire process and answer any questions to help you feel confident in your decisions moving forward.

Create a Personal Email

A secure email account will be essential in communication with your divorce lawyer, as well as providing privacy from your partner. This email should serve as your primary contact for personal information, financial data, and more. 

In cases where physical documents are mailed, it can help to gain some separation by getting your own PO box. A post office box provides a secure, affordable, and private way to send and receive mail, and can help to simplify certain steps later on.

Tips to Help Cohabitation

Sharing a small space for days on end can be challenging for both parties, but remember that your efforts will pay off. A few ways to help you in your situation may include:

  • Set realistic expectations — Colorado’s counties are backlogged due to recent restrictions, only reserving in-person hearings or proceedings for priority cases or situations where a family’s welfare and safety are at risk. If you do not feel that your situation requires immediate intervention, expect the process to take longer than normal.
  • Update your relationship — Living in close proximity with someone you are planning on divorcing can be challenging. It can help to discuss a shift in view for your status, switching from personal acquaintances to business professionals. Practice polite and professional interactions to keep things pleasant during this time.
  • Prioritize your children — Everyone is experiencing newfound stress and uncertainty. While you may not feel inclined to work with your significant other to set a good example for your children, it’s important to prioritize their feelings and create a positive memory of how you reacted during the crisis. Your children will remember arguments and confrontations far more clearly than any issues associated with the pandemic.
  • Create separation — While this point can be hard to achieve, it helps to create some separation between you two. This can be done by implementing a schedule loosely based on your preferences and activities. If you and your partner spend less time in close proximity, the process can help the entire family.
  • Focus on your peace — You have control over your reactions and how you respond to situations, which is why it can help to focus on yourself to create peace in the home. Schedule some time for meditation or yoga, get out more for private time, or write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal. Self-help during these trying times can do much to help a tense situation.

Need Assistance?

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant process, and during COVID-19 restrictions, things can feel like a complete loss. Peek Goldstone is here to serve as your professional family lawyers in Greeley and Erie, using our experience and problem-solving skills to help you create a plan for your family.

Contact us online to schedule a virtual consultation with our divorce attorneys.

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