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Looking For A Law Firm In Erie? Peek Goldstone, LLC Is Now Here To Help!


Life happens, and when it doesn’t go according to plan, many Coloradans find themselves stuck in the middle of a complex legal battle. It pays to find a local team of lawyers who have the training and experience to ensure an ideal result for your unique case. If you are actively looking for a law firm in Erie, our attorneys have just expanded their services.

Peek Goldstone, LLC is proud to announce the opening of our second law firm, expanding from Greeley to Erie. Today, we’ll discuss a few of the legal services our team can provide for Erie residents. If you’re in need of assistance, be sure to call us in Greeley at (970) 352-8611 or our new office at (970) 352-8611.

Family Law

Our law firm takes on a lot of family cases, and that’s because we love our clients and want to help them achieve a favorable outcome for their case. From adoption services to child protection, restraining orders, and more, our team strives to deliver complete representation that provides a safe outcome for the entire family.

  • Adoption — Whether you’re hoping to adopt a baby or plan on adopting a step-child, our family lawyers can help to ease the stress and uncertainty associated with the adoption process.
  • Child support and custody — Our family attorneys have the experience and training to help find navigate a positive outcome for your current proceedings.
  • Divorce and separation — Separating from your significant other can be a hard time, which is why our law firm specializes in divorce counseling, annulments, alimony, and more.
  • Domestic violence — Tempers can flare, and when things get intense, it’s important to find legal representation to help you find proven representation for your case.

Criminal Law

From juvenile defense services to assaults, traffic offenses, DUI charges, and more, the team at Peek Goldstone, LLC is now here to represent Erie residents facing a wide range of criminal complaints. Our local attorneys will work with you to navigate a personalized approach for minimizing the stress and uncertainty of your case. Controlled substance charges, DUIs, and other legal proceedings can result in serious disruptions to your freedom and quality of life, so be sure to contact our Erie firm for assistance.

From drug-related offenses to moving violations, Peek Goldstone, LLC is ready to assist with direct support that works to explore resolving options outside of the courtroom. If a trial is unavoidable, our local lawyers will work hard to professionally advocate on your behalf. Regardless of your circumstances, the Peek team will be there to help you every step of the way.

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Tax Law

Acquiring tax defense services when you are facing penalties can provide considerable peace of mind for locals in need of a little assistance. If you are a small business owner facing considerable opposition, be sure to call our tax lawyers to see how we can help with high interest rates, tax penalties, account and tax levies, wage garnishments, and more.

We also employ experienced estate planning attorneys to help Colorado citizens properly prepare to provide an ideal outcome for their loved ones once they pass on. Planning your estate now can deliver serious advantages later on, so be sure to call us to learn more about our tax services!

Mediation Services

This highly effective form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) works to benefit both parties through the help of an outside moderator. Our local lawyers have experience in facilitating negotiations for a wide range of situations, and will be happy to discuss our background with you.

Our mediation services can help Erie residents because they are often less formal, more private, and overall much more affordable than seeking a resolution through the court system. Our law firm knows the complex ins and outs of the legal system, and will be able to discuss ideal alternatives every step of the way.

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Peek Goldstone, LLC is proud to provide trusted services across Greeley, and our law firm is now operating in Erie to help local residents find a quality outcome for their unique situations. Our attorneys offer services ranging from family law and divorce proceedings to tax defense, wills and trusts, mediation, and more. Contact us online to see how we can help you.

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