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Mediation Versus Litigation With Your Greeley and Erie Divorce Lawyers Part 2


While we all strive to put our best foot forward in life’s adventures, sometimes, things just don’t as well as planned. This sentiment can be found when looking for a local divorce lawyer, as the marriage cannot be reconciled productively between both spouses. Divorce is not a fun topic, but oftentimes, it is one that needs to be covered when you decide to part ways. The Peek Law Firm is here to serve as Greeley’s family lawyers, delivering arbitration, mediation, and litigation services when needed to Colorado families since 1989. Our expert team is comprised of local lawyers with the experience and skill needed to fully represent your best interests.

One beneficial alternative to divorce is mediation, which consists of a third party assisting both spouses by offering support and guidance from an unbiased standpoint to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Today, we’ll continue discussing this topic by looking more into what a mediator truly does in mediation. If you’re in need of a divorce attorney or an experienced representative for mediation, be sure to reach out to us today.

What a Mediator Does

To start, a mediator can be any individual that has the skills and knowledge needed to provide guidance and empowerment to the couple in need of help. While you do not need a family lawyer for assistance, we feel that our comprehensive knowledge of the legal system and considerable experience in conflict resolution give us the ability to help you achieve an optimal outcome. Below are a few tidbits to help readers understand our approach to divorce mediation:

  • Couples should understand that mediation is not a contest between two parties, and participation is the first step for success.
  • While having a dedicated attorney defend your rights and represent you professionally is often very necessary in legal matters, divorce mediation can rely on a mutual advocate that works to find a positive outcome for the spouses and children.
  • Mediators are here to facilitate discussion and enable clients to discuss their plans and requirements. While divorce litigation relies on commands and the giving of legal advice, mediation focuses solely on mutual production.
  • Mutually beneficial outcomes are the goal. Going to court brings the inherent risk of failure, and your case may not be concluded in your favor. Mediation results in a certain outcome that is agreed upon by both parties.

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Divorce Litigation as a Last Resort

While nobody wants to go through the emotional and financial stressors involved in divorce, in some cases, hiring a divorce lawyer may be your only choice. If your spouse does not want mediation, for example, the final outcome may be a legal intervention. In certain cases, the fear of bodily harm can be enough to prevent the initiation of mediation. Clients may also have a spouse that is incapacitated, or unable to make clear and meaningful decisions on their own behalf. Individuals who are addicted to drugs, for example, may not be able to effectively go through mediation. Every case is different, which is why it is important to contact your local lawyer for assistance.

Going through a separation is never an easy or enjoyable process, but couples who are struggling to find a peaceful resolution can benefit from services such as divorce mediation. As Greeley’s family lawyers, the Peek Law Firm is here and ready to work as a mediator for your marital resolution. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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