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Family Law deals with everything that encompasses the legal issues of families and people in domestic relationships. Our compassionate family lawyers with offices in Greeley and Erie are here to guide you through any family law issue you may encounter, including, but not limited to:

    • Step-Parent Adoption. Adoption laws vary from county to county, making it important to find a local family lawyer that can help to grow your family. Our adoption attorneys can support you through every step of the adoption process.
    • Child Support. During a divorce, the process of determining how much financial support a spouse requires to raise a child will greatly affect your daily operations. Our family attorneys can help you navigate this tough time to create a beneficial outcome for all parties.
    • Child Custody. Whether you’re in need of moderation or child custody litigation, the Peek Goldstone team can help. We’re here to provide caring, supportive legal services to ensure that your rights and wishes are respected throughout the child custody process.
    • Child Protection. Abuse and neglect against a child are very prevalent in this country, which is why our family attorneys are here to help. Our child custody lawyers work hard to ensure the safest outcome for your children.
    • Divorce. Splitting up with your significant other is never a fun experience, and the process of reorganizing all of your legal and financial relationships can become very complicated. Our divorce attorneys can help to make this process easier.
    • Legal Separation. Similar to divorce, in theory, legal separations provide an out for individuals that cannot get a legal divorce. Couples who want to avoid divorce mediation can benefit from this technical separation.
    • Domestic Violence. Spousal disturbances can be very emotional in nature, contributing to hot tempers and outbursts of violence. If you are dealing with domestic violence in any capacity, it’s important to reach out to our domestic violence lawyers for assistance right away.
    • Restraining Orders. Any victim in Colorado who is in fear of personal harm can seek out a restraining order for their safety. Our family lawyers can help to ensure that all legal avenues are taken to keep your family safe.
    • Paternity. In our state, paternity law issues arise when a child’s parents are not married to one another. Our family law experts can help you to navigate the process of paternity.
    • Spousal Support. Alimony and spousal maintenance changes in Colorado have changed how divorces are approached by many couples. Our family attorneys have the experience and know-how to provide expert guidance through this complex process.
    • Collection of Child Support and/or Maintenance Owed. If you are seeking child support from the parent of your little one, it’s important to find a family law firm that has the resources and professionalism needed to get productive results, and fast.
    • Invalidity of Marriage (Annulment). Colorado is unique in that the state does not have a court process that is called an “annulment of marriage.” Our family attorneys can help you obtain a declaration of invalidity, which is very similar to a traditional annulment.
    • Parental Responsibilities (Custody). When it comes to deciding who has decision-making rights and responsibilities, it’s important to have a professional lawyer that can help you determine what you and your ex-spouse’s parental responsibilities are.
    • Post Decree Modifications of Maintenance, Child Support, and Parenting Time. Joint custody includes adults and their changing lives. If your circumstances have changed, our divorce attorneys can assist in modifying your child support plan.
    • Enforcement of Court Orders and Contempt. After a judgment has been passed, it is required to follow the court’s orders. If your significant other fails to obey the legal orders prescribed to him or her, you can work with our divorce lawyers to file a contempt citation.
    • Registration, Modification, and Enforcement of Out-of-State Orders. Child support orders across state lines can be very complex for many adults. Our Greeley law firm can assist in registering, modifying, and enforcing your out-of-state custody orders.
    • Appeals. If you feel that you did not receive a fair judgment for your case, you can appeal to a higher authority. Peek Goldstone, LLC is here to help you through this process.

Family Lawyers Who Care

Our attorneys are available to assist in a number of family law matters. From adoption and child custody to divorce, spousal support, and more, Peek Goldstone is here and ready to provide guidance and support. We’ll focus on solution-oriented steps, including mediation if possible. Our family lawyers focus on what is best for you and your loved ones, and we’ll provide a full range of legal services if needed to help you focus on the future.

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