1. Ban the Box Law Takes Effect September 2019

    Governor Polis signed into law new legislation which prohibits employers from asking about criminal history on job applications. The “Ban the Box” law prohibits employers with 11 or more employees from asking if prospective employees have a criminal conviction beginning in September 2019. The la…Read More

  2. Employers Can’t Withhold Funds From Paychecks Most Of The Time

    Recently, Peek Goldstone, LLC of Greeley and Erie was contacted by an employer that advanced money to an injured worker while he was waiting to get his worker’s compensation benefits and they wanted to know if they could withhold the money they advanced from his upcoming paychecks. The rule is no,…Read More

  3. The Top 5 Things To Do When Considering A Divorce

    One statistic commonly used in jest today is that more than half of marriages end in divorce. While this high rate of failure is widely accepted by modern society, it does little to alleviate the pain, stress, and grief surrounding a family going through the divorce process. As Greeley’s family la…Read More

  4. The Top 5 Things To Do When Facing DUI Charges

    A DUI is a very serious charge that can result in substantial penalties if the case does not go in your favor. Having your license suspended is bad enough, but the myriad of fines, re-education programs, raising insurance rates, and possible jail time all make driving while under the influence of dr…Read More