1. Greeley family lawyer understands your needs

    Dealing with a family issue in a legal setting is always a difficult, emotional process. Something that is usually so private cannot be solved in a home setting, and one or more members involved have decided to take legal counsel. Peek Law Firm is a Greeley family lawyer that takes on cases involvi…Read More

  2. Greeley Family Lawyer, Using A Divorce Lawyer!

    In Colorado uncontested divorce means you and your spouse are agreeable on everything that is being settled on.  This is of course one of of the best outcomes in a divorce but rarely is it this easy.  It is possible to litigate your own case, but it is difficult and especially time-consuming and d…Read More

  3. Greeley family lawyer helps families grow

    Deciding to adopt a child is a big step in a family's life, and there are a lot of legal complications involved in making sure the process goes smoothly. Having an experienced Greeley family lawyer to help with the legal details can ensure everything goes as planned from start to finish. Adoption is…Read More

  4. Expand Your Family With Help from the Best Greeley Family Lawyer

    Recently re-married? Is your spouse looking to make the commitment official with your child, too? At Peek Law Firm, we specialize in all types of family law cases, including stepparent adoption. Our top Greeley family lawyer will make sure your new family can seal that final deal. Schedule an appoin…Read More

  5. Get results with a Greeley family lawyer

    After a separation, custody of the children is one of the most difficult and lengthy battles that parents will face. Whether both parents want custody, or one party is refusing to take responsibility, a legal battle over children is extremely emotional. The best way to solve disputes about custody i…Read More

  6. Seek a Top Greeley Family Lawyer at Peek Law Firm!

    Being in court can be a very strenuous and stressful situation. At Peek Law Firm, we understand that, and strive to make the process as easy as possible for you. As a family practice, we specialize in creating a comfortable environment for you and pride ourselves in our excellent legal representatio…Read More

  7. Greeley family lawyer helps with legal processes

    Adoption of a child is a very exciting time for families, and also one that requires a lot of paperwork and legal help. Peek Law Firm is an expert in all family matters, and knows the process of adoption front to back. This Greeley family lawyer can help your family get started on the rewarding pat…Read More

  8. Appeal It With a Great Greeley Family Lawyer

    If you were recently in court and a decision was made against you that you believe was unsupported by the law, worry not. Contact Peek Law Firm and get a top Greeley family lawyer on your case. Our excellent lawyers specialize in all areas of family law, and we may be able to get an appeal on track …Read More

  9. A Gigantic Greeley Family Lawyer

    We at the Peek Law Firm have been serving Northern Colorado in the areas of divorce and family law. We've also done this for criminal defense, wills/trusts and probate since 1989. We offer our law expertise so that you can be rest assured your properly represented. Our Lawyers are spectacular and ou…Read More