1. Don’t Fret and Remember Adoption With A Top Greeley Family Lawyer

    Did you recently decide you wanted to start a family, only to realize you’re not physically able? Or did you decide you wanted a little one who’s already been brought into the world, but his/her mother simply wasn’t able to raise him/her? At Peek Law Firm, we’re dedicated to providing you wi…Read More

  2. Greeley Criminal Lawyer for Juvenile Defense

    For many years, the rule of thumb has been something along the lines of "you're fairly safe from conviction until you turn 18."  That is a myth and it's now time to overturn that.  In today's society, it's possible for a juvenile to be charged as an adult and the convictions can carry on through t…Read More

  3. Greeley Family Lawyer To Solve Any Dispute

    Peek Law Firm is the place to go if you're looking for a Greeley family lawyer.  Whether you're dealing with adoption drama or struggling with a child custody battle, we have a knowledgeable and committed team to see you through to a desirable outcome.  Adoption can be a lengthy and frustrating pr…Read More

  4. A Greeley Family Lawyer Who’s Top Priority is You

    Let’s face it: any situation that requires you getting a lawyer involved is unpleasant. Nobody wants an issue to go so far as to be taken to court. At Peek Law Firm, we understand this and are dedicated to making sure that your legal procedures with us go as smoothly as possible. Our expert lawyer…Read More

  5. A Greeley Family Lawyer for Your Juvenile Charge

    Juvenile offenses are a very serious matter, and at Peek Goldstone, LLC, we've handled many cases that involve one or several minors. As a Greeley and Erie’s trusted family lawyers, we want to do everything we can to defend your child, keeping the juvenile charge from being the first of many. Our …Read More

  6. Greeley family lawyer helps parents adopt

    Making the decision to adopt a child, and going through the process, is an incredibly emotional and stressful time for hopeful parents. There is a long application process, and they are subjected to interviews and analyses to make sure they are suitable for a child. Legal agreements and contracts mu…Read More

  7. Resolve Conflict in Your Family

    A domestic violence or assault case is always a very trying time for any family and at Peek Law Firm, we understand that there can be several aspects of a domestic case. As a family lawyer in Greeley, it is our mission to help every party under the situation and circumstances that led to the assault…Read More