1. Stay Responsible This Spring

    As the weather turns nicer in Northern Colorado, more and more people will be heading out to bars and restaurants to enjoy the fantastic food and libations on outdoor patios. With the great cuisine, craft beer, and fine spirits that come out of this region, there are many options to choose from and …Read More

  2. Sobriety Checkpoints and Safe Driving

    Now that summer is almost here in Colorado, that means more people will be out and about, enjoying the warm weather and numerous festivals that take place across the state. It also means that more people may make the decision to drink and drive, and could potentially face a DUI. Police officers and …Read More

  3. Affordable Greeley DUI lawyers Available

    Accidents happen. We know and understand this here at Peek Goldstone, LLC. That is a big reason why we provide affordable Greeley and Erie DUI lawyers, because we do not believe you should have to go broke to get the proper protection you need. We have been providing top-of-the-line criminal defense…Read More

  4. Greeley DUI lawyers fight for justice

    Making the decision to drive after drinking is never a good one. It can lead to serious consequences if you get pulled over by the police. Even if you pass a field sobriety test, you could still face DUI charges. The results of which could be anything from a fine to jail time. No matter the sentence…Read More

  5. Greeley DUI lawyers fight for your rights

    Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a very serious and dangerous thing to do. Police stay constantly vigilant against drunk drivers and the consequences are severe. Drinking and driving can result in heavy fines, suspension of licence, and even jail time. Even having taken over the count…Read More

  6. Greeley DUI lawyers keep you protected

    Getting pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving is a very serious matter. You want to make sure you have experienced Greeley DUI lawyers on your side to help explain the situation. Peek Law Firm brings the experience and confidence of the law to work for you.…Read More

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    When facing charges for driving under the influence, having Greeley DUI lawyers can make all the difference. Peek Law Firm can help explain the complicated legal procedures and make sure you know all the information you need. Don't fight the legal system alone when you can have the best help availab…Read More

  8. Gracious Greeley DUI Lawyers

    We want you to know that a DUI is commonly thought of as an alcohol-related charge. And even if you are stopped having taken over-the-counter cold medicine, you could be facing a driving under the influence arrest. This is why we have a gracious and compassionate DUI Lawyer in Greeley. Even if you p…Read More

  9. Exemplary DUI Lawyers In Greeley!

    Our attorneys bring proven experience and a strong reputation for aggressive defense to each and every case we take. We will help you fight to protect your driver’s license and your criminal record to the fullest extent of our services. We have a full range of strategies and resources at our dispo…Read More

  10. Greeley DUI Lawyers That Will Keep Your Record Clean

    Did you know that even if you pass a field sobriety or a Breathalyzer test you could still be charged with a DUI? Whenever you’re suspected of driving under the influence, it can be tricky business. Don’t let something as serious as a DUI stain your permanent record, and let an expert help you o…Read More