1. Keep the Holidays Happy with Your Greeley DUI Lawyers

    During this time of year, people are traveling to and from home, visiting friends and relatives that they haven't seen in a year. There's plenty of festive fun, and alcohol is often included in those festivities. The team at Peek Law Firm always wants people to remain smart and safe, and not to drin…Read More

  2. Keep Mistakes in the Past With the Best of Greeley DUI Lawyers

    Don’t let your mistakes dictate your future. At Peek Law Firm, we realize that a DUI can taint your record in ways that might affect legal proceedings in the future. Our top Greeley DUI lawyers will work to try and ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We dedicate ourselves to making sure you recei…Read More

  3. Are You Searching For Local DUI Lawyers With a Strong Defense?

    Every case, no matter the circumstances or the participants, comes with its own unique challenges. We know that your driver's license and your criminal record are important tools in today's society, and we will work hard to keep them clean and in your hands.  A conviction involving alcohol abuse, e…Read More

  4. Fight That Faulty Charge With Our Top Greeley DUI Lawyers

    DUIs are usually associated with alcohol or illegal drugs. What most people don’t realize, however, is that you could easily be charged with a DUI by simply failing a sobriety test under the effects of over-the-counter cold or allergy medicines. At Peek Law Firm, our primary concern is that all of…Read More

  5. Looking for Greeley DUI Lawyers?

    At Peek Law Firm, we understand how a DUI can taint your record. We’ll provide you with the best legal representation possible so you don’t have to do the worrying. Our experienced Greeley DUI lawyers can assist your case by challenging breath, blood, and field sobriety tests, suppressing DUI ev…Read More

  6. Greeley DUI lawyers on your side

    Every year, hundreds of people are killed on roadways as a result of drunk driving. Often, they are not the one who made the decision to drink and drive, but were the victim of someone who did. Police around the country work hard to reduce the number of fatalities due to drunk driving, and the laws …Read More