Our Other Practice Areas:

    • Protection Orders. If you or your children feel that you are in danger, you can become a “Protected Person” through Colorado’s court system and keep an individual from harassing or intimidating your family.
    • Sealing Records. If the right conditions are met, you may be able to seal your arrest and criminal records for a specific incident. While recent changes have made requests for sealing orders more informal before a judge, it can prove very helpful to reach out to our knowledgeable criminal lawyers for assistance.
    • Will Preparation. Determining how your estate is handled after your passing is an important part of the wills and probate process, and one that our estate planning attorneys can help with.
    • Trusts. Similarly to wills, trusts can be utilized to plan for your estate once you pass away. Unlike wills, trusts take effect as soon as you enact them.
    • Probate. Without a will or trust, your estate will go into probate with the state of Colorado. This process can greatly affect the outcome for your loved ones, so be sure to reach out to our estate planning experts for help.
    • Eviction. Our state generally allows for 25 days between the date that the lease is violated and the day that the local sheriff arrives to ensure proper evictions take place. If you are dealing with an eviction issue, our property lawyers can provide expert guidance.
    • Landlord/Tenant Problems. Property issues can be complex and involve a lot of negativity. Our estate planning attorneys are here to help you if you are facing serious complications with your landlord or tenants.
    • HOA Collections. In many communities, failing to pay your HOA fees can ultimately result in foreclosure and eviction. Be sure to hire your local attorneys for help if you are dealing with HOA collection issues.

Will Preparation

At Peek Goldstone, LLC, our Northern Colorado lawyers can handle your will preparation with the care and attention to detail you deserve. We take care of everything for you, and this comprehensive approach will allow you to relax knowing that your future is properly planned. Don’t waste time researching all of the steps you need to take, the processes you need to follow and forms you need to fill out. Give us a call and we can walk you through this process to make it as painless and simple as possible. We are experts in will preparation and we know how vital it is to prepare your will accurately.

Contact our team today if you need help, counsel or representation in criminal law, family law, will preparation, trusts, landlord/tenant law or any other issues listed above.