Keeping in line with our philosophy of being problem-solvers, Peek Goldstone, LLC offers mediation services. This collaborative service aims to avoid negative conflict and instead focus on resolutions, benefitting all parties involved. By focusing on the human side of every conflict, our law firm is able to help clients find ideal outcomes that may pave the way for future progress.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) in which the parties have the benefit of a neutral third party (one of our experienced attorneys) to facilitate negotiations and assist the parties in reaching a resolution without court intervention. The mediator cannot make decisions for the parties, nor can the mediator provide legal advice to the parties or be called to testify at a later date in the event that the case does not settle. Rather, mediation provides the parties with a forum to speak freely and safely without the fear of offers being disclosed and/or used against them at a later date. Mediation is often the best venue for the parties to determine their own fate, as the alternative – going to trial – will result in a determination that neither party typically is happy with.

The Benefits Of Mediation

While Peek Goldstone is experienced in dealing with cases of all kinds, our Greeley-based firm can be utilized in a more relaxed, comforting setting. This practice is done to keep positivity and progress in mind, with both sides working mutually together for the greater good of everyone involved.

If you’re interested in our mediation services, be sure to reach out to our local lawyers for assistance. Peek Goldstone, LLC deploys our mediation services because they are often:

  • More Private – The full legal process can leave many individuals’ personal lives open to the world. Individuals not wanting to deal with this invasion of privacy can elect to choose private mediation services instead.
  • Less Formal – While the courtroom has its place for litigation needs, the informality offered by mediation is often preferred by our clients. Void of strict rules, regulations, and the watchful eyes of a handful of professionals, you can focus more on getting to the problem at hand.
  • Good for Relationships – Whether you are looking for mediation services in family law, corporate agreements, or anything in between, this service often helps to preserve both sides from the potential damages of court. In many cases, avoiding negative conflict helps to produce better resolutions throughout the process.
  • Better for Resolutions – Continuing on our last point, mediation aims to find a mutual resolution, as opposed to a win/lose situation often experienced in the courtroom. Instead of proving guilt or determining fault, parties can elect to find a middle resolution that best benefits everyone involved.

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Experienced Mediation Services

Our local attorneys can help by acting as a facilitator throughout this process, providing unbiased support to mediate a beneficial outcome for everyone involved. Our law firm understands the importance of humanity, and will work diligently to help you find an ideal resolution in a collaborative, peaceful manner.

Contact us today to learn more about our mediation services, and be sure to reach out to our attorneys in Greeley for assistance any of your legal needs.

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