Northern Colorado’s Juvenile Defense Lawyers

Do not assume that just because you or your child is charged in juvenile court a criminal conviction won’t have a lasting and perhaps lifelong impact. Juvenile crimes can seriously impact a person’s opportunity for education, employment, and freedom.

At Peek Goldstone, LLC, our Northern Colorado attorneys work to make sure that the mistakes juveniles are accused of today don’t create extreme burdens in the future. We provide the same level of tenacious and aggressive representation to juvenile clients that we bring to the most serious adult cases.

Whether we have to fight to make sure the crime stays in juvenile courts or we need to petition to have charges reduced or dismissed, we put every strategy at our disposal behind your case. Our juvenile criminal defense lawyers put their experience, ability and attitude to work, and, depending on the case, will work to keep our juvenile clients out of detention and free of a lasting criminal record.

Contact us now if you or your child is facing criminal charges.