Employment law centers around the rights and duties of employees and their employers, with the express purpose of keeping all citizens safe and free from fear of discrimination. Workers across the nation rely on these laws at the federal, state, and company level, and must abide by all rules and regulations to create a positive work environment.

When these laws are not followed, employees can be at risk of mistreatment, whether financially or in person. Also referred to as labor law, this field aims to protect those who face unfair treatment by their employer, coworkers, or regulations.

Unpaid Wages and Overtime

Employers across Colorado have been known to cut corners in order to save money, relying on practices such as misclassified employment statuses, failed overtime calculations, and more. This happens on a regular basis and can steal wages from hard-working Americans.

If you are considering legal action in claiming your unpaid wages, it’s important to remember that the governance by both local and federal regulations is complex. Unpaid or underpaid residents across Northern Colorado need to determine if their case is viable, and that’s where our local lawyers can assist.

Peek Goldstone, LLC is here to provide experienced insight into your case, working with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the fair payment you deserve. Our law firm in Greeley and Erie can discuss your legal options with you. Employment law is complex, which is why our attorneys will provide open, honest representation that informs you on how successful you will likely be. We can break down the costs and fees associated with this process to ensure you understand the best course for action. Our experienced team can help employees understand their rights, giving them the power to fight for them in a legal setting.

Harassment and Discrimination

Employees facing discriminatory harassment in the workplace can seek out legal representation to achieve an ideal resolution. Oftentimes, harassment cases occur when one employee mistreats another based on rage, age, gender, color, nationality, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. This action can create a very unwelcome work environment and should be addressed as soon as possible to correct any damages before they end up in the courtroom.

If you are facing discrimination and harassment in your workplace, we understand how challenging and complex the situation can be. Peek Goldstone, LLC relies on the most experienced lawyers in Northern Colorado to deliver complete support. We want to ensure your workplace is free of harassment for all people, and will represent you throughout the legal process.

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