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DUI / DWI Attorney

A DUI is commonly thought of as an alcohol-related charge, but even if you are stopped after having taken over-the-counter cold medicine, you could be facing a driving under the influence arrest. Even if you pass a field sobriety or breath test, you can still be charged with a DUI. At Peek Goldstone, LLC in Greeley and Erie, we work with all clients who are facing license suspension, hefty fines, and even jail time as a result of a DUI arrest. Our attorneys bring proven experience and a strong reputation for an aggressive defense to every case we take. We will help you fight to protect your driver’s license and your criminal record. While every case brings different challenges and different situations, we have a full range of strategies and resources at our disposal.

Drug Offense Lawyer

If you have been charged with even a minor drug crime, you are likely facing serious penalties that can affect your life for years or decades to come. Drug crimes are aggressively pursued by law enforcement and prosecutors, and the need for an equally strong criminal defense is serious. At Peek Goldstone, LLC, our Northern Colorado drug attorneys bring a track record of success fighting against a wide range of drug offenses and a winning attitude to every case, from misdemeanor possession to felony trafficking. We are aggressive in defending your case and review all evidence, police procedures, witness testimonies, and the strength of the case against you for any weakness, any flaw, and any opportunity to win.

Alcohol Offense Lawyer

The serious consequences of alcohol offenses should not be overlooked. Criminal sanctions range from loss of driving privileges to possible jail time, and a conviction may have collateral consequences for college entrance, employment, or loans. The potential penalties demand that you have an experienced attorney address your case.

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